If you are looking for unconventional ways to market your business and promote your products, why not consider text messaging marketing? This form of marketing is a low-cost yet effective way to reach as many clients and potential customers with a single click of a button. The good thing about text messaging marketing is that it is accessible and it very easy to do even for the not-so tech savvy. But always bear in mind that even as easy as this form of marketing, you still have to take note of ways to be really effective at. That is why it is also important to know the things your text messages must have in order for this to work for you.


Short message service is the long term for SMS or text messaging and it is rightly so. The intent is to send short messages through your mobile phones otherwise, why not compose an email instead. That is why one of the things your text messages must have is a concise form. Try to be brief and direct to the point and not too wordy with your messages.


The idea here is to get all the necessary information and send it to consumers. So what are the key information that you should include in your text messages? Here are some of them:


  1. Business or Product Name – This is an obvious choice seeing as how every business strive to build their brand. You have to display the name of your product, service or brand in order for people to distinguish you from the other players in your industry. It also makes the message personal because every person wants to know the people they are receiving the text message from. This is also a great way to start and build a relationship with them.
  2. Opt-out Option – Nobody wants to be coerced into something they have no knowledge of. Some people are naturally suspicious while others are indifferent at the beginning. If you want to build trust with your potential customer, give them the option not to continue receiving messages from you. Besides, those who finally say yes even after offering this option only goes to show that the people genuinely interested to know more about your business would still rather receive continuous message from you.

Call to Action – The important things your text messages must have involve words that should drive them to act on what they see. This is both an invitation and an instruction on how to receive the benefits of purchasing your products. This will instruct them what to do so that they are not at a loss as to where, when and how they will be able to reach you.